Our Approach

Who is "La Soucique Studio"?

La Soucique Studio is a silversmithing and jewelry design studio based on little Amelia Island, Florida. Kimberly Hanna-Wallis, the chief gold and silversmith, is committed to a zero-landfill, 100% wind-powered studio working with sustainable precious metals and ethical processes in her jewelry design and production.

What does "La Soucique" Mean?

La Soucique (pron. /Lah-Soo-Seek/) is a phrase that means, "A timeless sense of style", from Guernsey French, a rare patois of Norman French and Latin, spoken only in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, an island off of the western coast of France. It could also mean, "marigold", but there are too few native speakers today to accurately translate! We are proud to help a little of our family's native language survive a little longer...

Kimberly's husband, Ross, is from the island of Guernsey and she and her family lived on the island from 2012-2014.

Our Story

Our Goal

Our goal is to create beauty with a conscious - jewelry that is a statement of a commitment to a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle. It's been said that every dollar spent should be a vote for what kind of world we want, so you can feel good about our jewelry and its lower impact on a resource-starved world.

We specialize in "Long Design" for its integration of high quality recycled or reused material with timeless design to produce a heirloom quality piece that ensures a long lifetime of wear.

We create each and every piece in our little Florida studio. Our recent work is characterized by the natural, organic perspective of found objects specifically of sea glass, which is formed while tumbling for decades in the oceans, seas, great lakes and rivers.

Our world travels and holistic observation seem to lend a certain simplicity to each piece work and, as always, we emphasise that no piece of sea glass is ever altered in any way, which allows each piece to speak to the wearer with its own conviction and purity.

About the Artist


Kimberly Hanna-Wallis

Founder & Chief Designer

Kimberly Hanna-Wallis currently lives in Amelia Island, Florida. She was honored as a 2016 Emerging Artist from the Tampa Gasparilla Festival of the Arts and has apprenticed in Portland, OR and the UK Channel Islands.

After finishing a degree in Public Relations at the University of Kentucky in 2001, and working in industries as various as agricultural advertising to mechanical engineer recruiting to offshore trust fund management, she found her calling after training and apprenticing with her aunt as a gold and silversmith in Portland Oregon and Guernsey (UK Channel Islands).

In 2016, Kim and La Soucique became a zero-waste and 100% wind powered studio and she has remained deeply in love with southern Georgia and northern Florida, where she works locally to conserve the beauty and vitality of the coastal ecosystems.